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The master copy of the zine has been printed. It took a little longer than we anticipated to get this put together, but now that it is we’re excited to get it in your hands.Thanks to our eight contributors- Anthony Statham, J.C. Bouchard, Dalton Derkson, Silvana Botros, Adam Lannan, Jenna Jarvis, Drew Rutty and J.M. Francheteau, and also to Daniela Molinari for her artwork. If you want a copy of the zine message us your details and we’ll put it in the mail as soon as the printing is finished.

– Adam Lannan




Our good friend Daniela Molinari, has sent us some artwork for Vol. 1 of ‘Retractions Press’… Hope this gets the creative juices flowing for everybody, the deadline (November 5, 2014) is fast approaching.


Words of Encouragement

Something to get us through to that November 5, (2014) deadline for the first issue.


‘Retractions Press’ is currently seeking aspiring Canadian writers & artists looking to get published. Submit your poetry, artwork & flash fiction (750 words) by the deadline (November 5, 2014) to retractions Contribute to the first ever issue of a new independent & alternative literature review, and get published.

Tell all your friends.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to give young Canadian writers a platform to showcase their work. As a new voice within the CanLit community, we aim to give our audience an alternative to the often dismissive and partisan structure of national publications. We embrace the ‘do it yourself’ aesthetic of the zine culture, while retaining an emphasis on quality work.